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Flush your Worries

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. My name is Anonya and today will tell you about dishwashers.Do you want to buy a dishwasher? Do you know what to do if there is hard water supply in your home? Do you know which utensils should be kept in dishwasher and which not? Do you know which detergent should be used or what is its electricity consumption? First let's talk about size of dishwashers. Generally dishwashers are available in 8, 12 and 14 place settings. On the screen are the dishes that come in 1 place setting. For 3-4 member family, 8 place settings, for 5-6 members 12 place settings and for larger family, 14 place dishwasher is fine. Steel, Glass, Ceramic and dishwasher safe are the 4 kinds of utensils that can be washed in it. Avoid washing Aluminium, Iron, wood and non-stick appliances in it. All dishwashers will clean utensils with 69°C water to remove 99.99% germs and bacteria. It works after the temp of water rises above 60°C. All dishwashers use 8-10L water/wash cycle. This water is recycled to clean the utensils. We must see the filters used to recycle water so that the recycled water is clean. Detergent, Rinse Aid and Salt should be ordered along the dishwasher as they don't come along with it. Soak the oily morning utensil if you want to wash it at night. Operating it on Auto mode is advisable. If there are still stains even after washing with dishwasher, then the supply in you home is of hard water. Use proper quantity of good salt and rinse aid. Use Municipal water supply rather than groundwater. Otherwise, change the hard water settings of your dishwasher. Even dishwashers need cleaning & maintenance or descaling. Every 60 days, put a cup of white vinegar on both shelves and run it for an hour. It cleans the stainless steel and Polinox and keeps the dishwasher brand new. All dishwashers look good. But you should concentrate on the material used in cavity and grill because it will be exposed to around 70°C water. It should be sturdy and long lasting. All dishwashers are made of good quality materials. Generally all dishwashers use 0.8kW to 1.2kW per wash program. To know everything about it, continue watching this blog , I'll tell you everything.

Now I'll tell you about one of the best dishwashers, the Faber 14 Place Setting Dishwasher.Masala, oil and black stains-nothing is a match for the dishwasher’s breakthrough innovation of 3D wash technology. It uses three spray arms to maximize water spray to all corners of the dishwasher and saves up to 15% time. The end results are:Faster,Quieter,Exceptional cleaning.Finally, a dishwasher that works around your schedule. With its delay start function, you can now instruct the dishwasher to start operations late. No worries, no hassles,only clean, hygienic dishes that are ready when you need them to be.Don’t want to wait for a full dish load to start cleaning? Your wishes have been answered. Our dishwasher’s Half Load feature allows you to start the cleaning process even if the dish load is not complete, giving you spick and span dishes with low resource consumption.Did you know that manual washing can use a minimum of 60 liters of water? With Faber Dishwashers, you can now save this precious resource. They use about 10 liters, helping you get a clean wash even with low water consumption.Tough stains, dirt, bacteria and germs - nothing is a match for Faber Dishwashers. It heats water up to 69°C,which helps in removing germs and bacteria and wash away stains easily. The end result? Hygienic,clean dishes at your convenience.From oil to masala, black stains to burnt food, grease to curry-Faber Dishwashers are built especially for Indian food and kitchens, and to take on the toughest of tough stains. No hassles, no worries. Only super clean dishes.Save energy in more ways than one. With a host of energy-efficient features, Faber dishwashers simplify your life while reducing electricity consumption, saving energy while not just cleaning, but also while drying.

All in all, it is a great choice. Apart from this we also deal with water purifiers, microwaves, refrigerators, geysers,Airconditioners and many more. Do check them. If you have any questions, then DM me on Twitter@2009Anonya. I’ll reply as soon as possible. Now I’ll meet you in my next blog very soon. Thank you very much.

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