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Love Eating but hate Kitchen mess ......The Pain is over :-)

Everyone loves eating aloo tickies and having a taste of delicious parathas at home fancy of stir fried vegetables. But the immediate result of cooking such meals is the thick build up of smoke inside the house. Yes, you do have a chimney, and it does it's job, but it takes some time to do it. And when it does this over and over, soon comes a dreadful time when it stops working that well and it needs to be cleaned up. A chimney that cleans itself hardly requires maintenance and creates a powerful enough suction that the smoke build up is non existent. And that range of products is Faber's range of auto clean chimneys. With the industry first six way suction technology. Faber launched the world's first three way suction chamber in 2016 and was a grand, roaring success. Faber's Six way

chimney is a second generation chimney, only this time the technology has been integrated with another popular technology of autoclean foods. This six ways suction technology is revolutionary. Apart from the suction created at the bottom, it also has six different pockets around the duct, which further enhance the suction. Additionally, fabric chimneys also come equipped with one of the most powerful suction motors in the world. And all of this together opens a world of benefits for the user. Unlike most traditional chimneys, where only the smoke directly under it is picked up, the six way section enables fiber chimneys to get rid of any smoke that might be directly under it or around it. The smoke that might have been left incase of the other chimneys does not remain. Hence, the kitchen does not get suffocated with the left smoke particles spreading around. And the special features do not end with just the sticks waste suction system. The motor inside the chimney comes with a heat film installed whenever there is a build up of oil and grease particles on the surface of the motor. With a press of a single button, the heating coil melts away the oil and grease deposits. The minted refugee flows through a pipe into an external oil collector chamber. This chamber is docked to the chimney and can be easily removed by the user to dispose of the collective oil and grease residue. Faber auto clean chimneys also come equipped with touchless gesture controls, 100% washable baffle filters, and trusty bright Led lamps, which illuminates the user's cooking space. And to further enhance the user's belief in the product, it comes with five years of a comprehensive warranty. Faber's new range of chimneys are effective, efficient, proudly made in India for the Indian kitchens. Each one of these products prevents the user's kitchen from being in dense fog and keeps itself clean enough to require minimal maintenance. And it does all of this while keeping power consumption optimal and making much less noise than the traditional chimney. So in the end, papa makes sure that the user can cook their favorite delicacies without ever worrying about what might come after because his father it wouldn't.

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