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Quit Smoking in the Kitchen

If you think that you don’t a kitchen chimney if you don’t fry food, then you are wrong. According to all studies, the pollution inside the kitchen is more than it is outside. The person who cooks is more vulnerable to pollution and the solution is a chimney. Should you buy a chimney with or without a filter? This is what I’ll tell you in this blog. Hello friends, welcome to my blog. My name is Anonya and today I’ll tell you the best kitchen chimneys of 2021. Friends there are plenty of options available in the market. Along with telling you when you need a chimney, I’ll tell other things too. If you are in a rush, then drop us a message ,we will take care for the rest. Whoever cooks is the one mostly affected by kitchen pollution. An exhaust can exhaust the kitchen but only after it is polluted. I divide the chimneys broadly into 3 categories- 1) Mesh filters, 2) Baffle Filter and 3) Auto-Clean or filter less chimneys. Mesh filters are not suitable for Indian cooking, therefore you must go for baffle chimney or auto-clean chimney. Now I’ll you the brief points. Baffle filter comes in this shape and is made of stainless steel. When air passes through it, oil residues stick to the filter, and the air passes through it. You must clean it once in 3-4 weeks and it is a very good chimney as per Indian habits. Air passes though filter-less chimney very freely due to the lack of a filter. The air leaves behind the oil in the chamber only. There is a coil in the chamber. When the coil is heated, it sucks all the oil and collects it in the oil tray. That tray can be easily cleaned and washed and you get a hassle-free and maintenance-free chimney. With 3 burners one must use 90cm chimney . The ideal duct size should be 8ft to 12ft. The chimney installation charges are different varying depending on the kitchen dimensions. But the duct kit have to be purchased separately. Now I’ll tell you the best baffle chimneys in India,with a very high suction power, Faber HOOD JUPITER PLUS (90 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto clean Chimney) comes with Baffle Filter, Touch Control & Motion Sensor, is absolutely a blessing to your kitchen. Talking about the main features can be wall-mounted, and hence you can adjust its installation according to your cooking area. Moreover, the auto-clean feature is effective enough to keep it clean with the help of an oil collector, which reduces your workload to a great extent.Furthermore, it uses a baffle filter which is ideal for Indian households as it removes all the smoke and grease particles and is very easy to clean. Next is the motor, which is placed in the most appropriate position and has a suction power of about 1500m3/hour which is highly recommended for keeping your kitchen free of dust and grease particles.Talking about the control, it has both a touch and motion sensor, which makes it quite convenient to use without causing any hassle. Besides all these features, there is the presence of LED lights that help you cook if there is some problem with your kitchen light or if you want to cook under less luminous power.

All in all, it is a good suction capacity. Apart from this we also deal with water purifiers, microwaves, refrigerators, geysers,Airconditioners and many more. Do check them. If you have any questions, then DM me on Twitter@2009Anonya. I’ll reply as soon as possible. Now I’ll meet you in my next blog very soon. Thank you very much.

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